Jesus calls us to love one another. Jesus modeled connections with people who had a variety of needs, lived different lifestyles and challenged cultural barriers. Jesus invites us to love and serve others. He had a special love for the poor, disabled and outcast. We hope to share his love in the world.


Thursday morning Badmintion

Come and create a racquet with us!

Junior Youth

For those in Grades 6-8 is the group for you.

Senior Youth

If you are in grades 9 to 12 this is the group you should check out.

Property committee

Like to lend a practical hand? This group might be for you. They look after the physical property at Dublin -- painting, fixing, raking, planting to name a few things. There is always room for another hand.

United Church Camps

Summer camps are a wonderful ways for children and youth to enjoy the outdoors

Refugee Support

Dublin has been a refugee sponsoring congregation for many years...

Pastoral Care

Prayer shawl gatherings

The prayer shawl gatherings happen the second Tuesday of each month.

Pastoral Care Team

This caring outreach is share friendship and personal contact with those who are in retirement residents, nursing homes or less able to get out to church.