The United Church has a long history of helping in the community and the world -- from Food providing and sheltering spaces in the cities, to hospital ships on the BC coast, to support for Campus and indigenous ministry.
Dublin’s actions includes:

  • Hosting a Christmas dinner
  • Saturday night suppers at Royal City Mission (few times a year)
  • Support and volunteering at Chalmers Community Services Centre (CCSC)
  • Knitting Prayer Shawls
  • Providing space for a number of community groups like AA, Parkinson's and Guiding.
  • Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate

Plus other efforts like active support of CCSC each month financially, the Stepping Stones Last Month’s rent programme, and requests ranging from rent support, bill help, to the odd food card and help with a medical need.

Recent caring has supported refugee families and building better relationships with the local indigenous groups in Guelph.

Our children support a foster child through the Sunday school programme and our congregation helps in a variety of mission and development projects throughout Canada and the world through our Mission and Service fund gifts ($56, 590 in 2023).

We believe in Embracing Action as a community of faith.