Explore Spirituality

Dublin is a safe place to bring your questions about life and God and discover for yourself what a difference a meaningful life can be. We are all spiritual people. How might you nurture yours?

Embrace Action

Dublin's mission invites us to live God's love, enact it as a congregation share it in our community and nurture it in our world. As a diverse community we have many ways of living out that mission. Discover some of them here.

Experience Belonging

You are welcome here. We believe you aren’t meant to go through life alone. We need each other. Regardless of what you might hear not all churches are the same. We are a community of straight and queer, young and old, broken and healing, able and challenged, rich and poor. There’s a place for you too.

Worship Time

Next Summer Campfire (kids) on Zoom August 9 @ 10 am

Online Sunday Worship event (new post each Sunday)



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Sunday Spiritual event Online

Join for our weekly Spiritual time online this week! Prayers, music, reflection will be part of the day. Rev. Bruce is leading from his Dublin St. South location (okay, his home).

Weekly Spiritual Experience

We believe that the light of God is experienced personally and communally. It is important to celebrate this light, embrace its warmth,and have others lift it up for us when we are struggling to see it. We take time each week to be and share this light together. You would be most welcome to be a part of this gathering and sharing time.

Youth Connecting

The youth are connecting by Zoom. If you are interested in connecting too please drop in (online of course) at these times. If you aren't on our email list contact Colleen to send you the connection information. She can be reached at youthcoordinator@bellnet.ca

Brighter Days Workshops

Join Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND online on the Wednesday evening of August 12 at 7:30 p.m. (Looking for the link? Please contact the office at: dublin@bellnet.ca before 2 pm on Wednesdays.) We will be discussing ways to stay healthy and connected during this time of physical distancing.