Explore Spirituality

Dublin is a safe place to bring your questions about life and God and discover for yourself what a difference a meaningful life can be. We are all spiritual people. How might you nurture yours?

Embrace Action

Dublin's mission invites us to live God's love, enact it as a congregation share it in our community and nurture it in our world. As a diverse community we have many ways of living out that mission. Discover some of them here.

Experience Belonging

You are welcome here. We believe you aren’t meant to go through life alone. We need each other. Regardless of what you might hear not all churches are the same. We are a community of straight and queer, young and old, broken and healing, able and challenged, rich and poor. There’s a place for you too.

Worship Time

Worship and Sunday School
Sundays at 10:30 am

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Sunday Worship

Sunday morning worship is a time for people like you to be together, ground ourselves in the deeper gifts of living such as beauty, wonder and meaning, and let the Spirit touch our living with the gifts we need to face the week ahead and the challenges and joys before us. We use prayer, song, readings, conversations, reflections to meet God in those deeper ways. Love to have you come and share a morning with us.

Youth Group - Scripture Sunday

Scripture Study: DURING SERVICE, 20 minutes for reflection on the readings from the day.

Congregational Gathering

You are invited to attend a congregational gathering to hear about a sacred space and an important space to all of us - our sanctuary.

Brighter Days Series - Light the Spirit

Join us as we go deeper into the Light the Spirit series. This six week series (each week stands alone) begins Oct. 21. The series is led by Tim Tentcher, CSW, CPRP, RPN. He will explore how to connect Spirit and light into the struggles of our living. Suggested donation is $40.