Dublin Street is a community of people like you. We seek to be a place where love is shared, caring is encouraged, and lives are changed. 

For us, we find that the teachings of Jesus and a relationship with the Eternal Mystery many call God, help us to be a community of love, caring and changed lives. 

Jesus invites all of us to share in this relationship with God.  We look to grow this relationship through nurturing our spirituality, embracing action and care for others, and exploring community together.  There is always room in God’s community for many more.  You are welcome here.

Dublin's Vision and Mission Statements

Vision:  "Life Together Following Jesus"

"Dublin Street United Church is a safe and Affirming community. We intentionally fully include people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, ages, ethnic backgrounds, racialized identities, abilities and economic circumstances in all aspects of the life and work of the church.  We affirm our Mission and Values by living God's love, celebrating the diversity that enriches our Dublin community, and following Jesus' example of healing, reconciliation and justice for all."


"As followers of Jesus we are called to live God’s love:
enact it as a congregation, share it in our community and nurture it in our world."

Dublin’s Core Values

Faith – Faith in God grounds our lives.

Love – We strive to love the way Jesus did.

Community – We celebrate our community which is led by the Holy Spirit.

Our Need For Growth – We recognize our frailty as human beings and our continual need for God’s love, forgiveness and grace.