There are a number of ways to connecting your life with others and with God.  Our programs provide an opportunity to explore, embrace and experience the Spirit in fun ways, deeper ways, serving ways, learning ways.  These are not the only ways of course to do this, but we have found they are helpful as we explore life together.  Why not see if there is one that speaks to you?


Faith is not just for the young. Faith is a lifelong journey and discovery. God intended we grow with others. These adult programmes are intended to speak to a variety of interests and desires -- our connection to God, to others and with self. Why not explore a few and see what works for you!

Children, Youth and Family

Children, youth, and young adults are valued members of our faith communities, with much to give and to receive. Jesus invited them to be with him for a reason. We celebrate their presence in our midst.


Making a joyful sound unto God is found as one of the inspirations for worship and living a faithful life. Music is loved and celebrated in a variety of ways in our churches. Whether you are a singer, a player, or an enjoyer of music there are lots of opportunities to participate and share in the music life of the United Church.


Jesus calls us to love one another. Jesus modeled connections with people who had a variety of needs, lived different lifestyles and challenged cultural barriers. Jesus invites us to love and serve others. He had a special love for the poor, disabled and outcast. We hope to share his love in the world.