Photo of Mary Elliot

Mary Elliott

Minister of Service, Education & Skills Development. Mary is passionate about building community within Three Willows and in partnership with the neighbourhood around Three Willow. She also co-ordinates many of the opportunities to grow our Faith.



Photo of Joanna Wegman

Joanna Wegman

Minister of Music. Joanna is passionate about music that praises God and builds up community. Not only does she direct the Choir at Three Willows, she also is always encouraging others to share their musical gifts. 

Photo of Jane Felker-Ohls

Jane Felker-Ohls

Church Office Administrator. Jane has been with Three Willows from it’s inception in 2004 and is wonderful in extending a warm welcome to all who come to the church. She is always ready to be a listening ear and to answer any questions you might have about Three Willows.