We take caring for the other as one of our callings as Christians.  This caring can be from the very practical like helping with food, clothing, and lodging to raising our voice with those who are called to govern over issues like water use, human rights and societal imbalances.  Where are you feeling called to care?


Communal Garden

All of the produce harvested from the Harcourt Communal Garden is donated to the Chalmers Community Services Centre’s (CCSC) food pantry at 40 Baker Street, enabling marginalized citizens of Guelph to receive more fresh, organic produce than they might otherwise have access to.

Guelph United Ministries

North End Harvest Market

A Free fruit and vegetable market intended to support low income families and individuals to meet their healthy food needs.


Quilting Group

Harcourt’s Quilting Group has been meeting for the past 10 years. All of our quilts are machine made and either donated to folks in need or used for fundraising projects. Though small in number, we are an industrious group and have produced scores of quilts over the years.


Refugee Support

Dublin has been a refugee sponsoring congregation for many years...