Where are you and what time is Sunday worship?

The church is located in the west side of Guelph at 577 Willow Road, between Highway 6 (the Hanlon) and Imperial Road.
Sunday worship is at 10:30 a.m. Our ministers, directors, and leaders can be found on our leadership page. For your convenience, there is ample parking surrounding the church and there are large signs in the church building pointing you to our Place of Worship and Church Office. All the rooms in our building are also clearly labelled.

Do you have a children’s Sunday school?

A Big YES! On Sundays our children begin in the Place of Worship with the grown-ups and then go together with their teachers to their classrooms after the Children’s Ministry. Our dedicated teachers encourage children to engage in Bible stories and lessons through games, songs, crafts and other activities. It aims to build a firm foundation on which our children can grow their faith. Families are welcome to accompany their children and see them settled into their classroom, or simply allow them to follow the happy procession out of the Place of Worship. Children are a vital part of our congregation and we welcome them with open arms.

Can I have my baby baptized at Three Willows United Church?

Thank you for asking. The ministry of Christian baptism is offered to those request it for themselves or for their children on the recommendation of the ministers and our Core Group. While no one has to be member of this congregation, parents or guardians participate in a baptismal preparation programme with the ministers. Contact the church office for more information.

Are you accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. We have “handicap” parking signs on several parking spots near the entrances of the church. The front entrance has a wheelchair ramp and the side entrance has no stairs. There is a lift for wheelchairs or those for whom stairs are difficult. There is a sound system and also assistive listening devices for those with hearing impairment. You will also find large print hymn books beside the hearing aids on the welcoming table inside the doors to the Place of Worship.

I haven’t been to church in a long time. How will I know what to do at Sunday worship?

First of all, we’re glad you’re thinking about exploring this aspect of faith.
When you arrive at Three Willows, you will be greeted by someone at the back of the Place of Worship.
They will also give you a worship leaflet that provides the order of the service and answer any questions you may have. The prayers and songs are also projected on a screen at the front. Feel free to participate  as you feel comfortable.
When you come to Three Willows, you’ll probably notice a variety of clothing styles from casual to dressed up. So come as you are. During the service there will be an opportunity to give an offering. There is no pressure to make a donation. If you want to make a donation, there are visitor envelopes on the welcoming table that will ensure you get a tax receipt. Just put it in the offering plate when it is passed along the row where you are sitting. 
Please be sure that your presence is important to God and the community, who are more complete because you’ve come.

Can we get married at Three Willows United Church?

Yes. Our ministry includes the ministry of Christian marriage for those who may or may not be associated with this congregation. We also happy to celebrate and recognize same-sex couples for marriage. Guidelines and fees may apply. Please speak to the minister for more information.

Do you have a nursery on Sundays?

Yes, we have staffed nursery care during worship for infants and toddlers in the Willow Seedlings room across from the Place of Worship. At the back of our Place of Worship is a family spot with comfortable chairs for mothers to nurse their babies and toys to keep toddlers occupied for families who prefer to have their little ones with them during worship. Babies and toddlers are very welcome in our worship

What church is Three Willows United Church part of?

We are a congregation of The United Church of Canada. You can find more information about the United Church of Canada on their website www.united-church.ca.

What kind of music do you have in your worship?

The music programme is designed to support and deepen our communion with God. Our music includes a variety of styles, including praise music led by a praise team using their voices, guitars and drums, and hymns led by a choir accompanied by the organ or the piano. The choir, a smaller ensemble or a soloist provide special music at each service. The wonderful acoustics in our Place of Worship enhance all the music.

Do you have adult programming?

Yes. We offer many programmes at a wide variety of times. Please take a look at the many opportunites for adult involvement. Program and/or calendar (link).
Our church also participates in a variety of community outreach programmes: We volunteer at a food shelf on site that is open on Thursday mornings, conduct monthy chapel services at St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre among other service projects.

Where can I get more information about Three Willows United Church?

Our Website has a lot of information for a start. But we are always happy to talk or meet you. Our church office is open Monday to Friday mornings. Our phone number is 519-822-7690, our office administrator, Jane Felker-Ohls, would be happy to answer your question. 
And the ministers are always happy to sit down and chat on the phone or in person.