Sundays at 10:00 am
A family-oriented service of worship in a casual atmosphere
with Sunday School and nursery available

Sundays at 9:00 am

(First and third Sunday of the month)
Quiet, reflective service with communion in the Norfolk Room

Rev. John Benham and Rev. Gaylyn McLean

Lent Message Theme


LENT is known for Jesus' forty days into the wilderness to face hunger, and temptation is our focus for the coming weeks.

It's common to think that Lent is a personal journey that calls the believer to give up something such as 'chocolate' or a nice 'glass of wine'.

However, Lent can be an even deeper journey of pondering God's purpose for our lives. Have you asked yourself lately, how you might live well? Sally Mcfague reveals in 'Blessed Are the Consumers' that the power of consumption in our society and the self-focused internet  is leaving our planet and one another in distress. The journey of Jesus in contrast and lifted up in Lent is the Spirit-filled call to 'kenosis' or 'self-emptying' .  Yes, abundant life can actually be found by letting go of the preoccupation with oneself and insatiable need for more.  Join us on this journey as we discover what is tantamount to living life well.

Sunday, February 18     9:00 am     Morning Chapel Service
Sunday, February 18     10:00 am   Lent 1, Communion:   Self-Restraint “Saying No as an Act of Faith” 

Sunday, February 25     10:00 am   Lent 2:  "Kenosis: The Act of Self-Emptying”  

Sunday, March 4            9:00 am     Morning Chapel Service
Sunday, March 4           10:00 am   Lent 3: Faith & Consumerism: What are the commandments we live by? How do we live in community so that what we do does not negatively impact another? 

Sunday, March 11         10:00 am   Lent 4 

Sunday, March 18          9:00 am    Morning Chapel Service
Sunday, March 18         10:00 am   Lent 5

Sunday, March 25         10:00 am   Palm/Passion Sunday