How Trinity Folks and Friends are Spending Their Time….

A collection of photos and writings to let us know what you are doing!


This section is a place for photos (with short captions or explanations) or tales of what our church family has been doing. Consider sending along a picture and/or letting us know what has been happening in your world.

Trinity Hall Conversations

Rev. John and Rev. Gaylyn are hosting up to 10 people for a relaxing catch up chat!  


Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory, photo by Joyce Martin

Learning Opportunities, by Mary Mitchell

Like others, I discovered which offers free courses from universities in Canada, the US and around the world. I was looking for online courses to get through this winter of Covid so I signed up for Indigenous Canada from the University of Alberta, the Science of Well-being from Yale, and a mini-course (8 hours) from Stanford on an Introduction to Food and Health.  I am still working on the first two and really enjoying them.  You only pay if you want a certificate or credit for the courses. In hindsight, it may be better for me to complete one course at a time.  The great thing is that you can work on the course on your own schedule.  

I also signed up for the lecture series on Public Health from Third Age Guelph which takes place through Zoom Wednesday afternoons at 1:30.  The lectures have been really interesting and you can submit questions through the chat feature on Zoom.  They will be having 2 more series in the winter so watch for those.  The cost for each series is $50.  I am technologically-challenged but find Zoom quite easy to use.

Walking Rail Trails, by Mary Mitchell

With one friend, I have been walking rail trails every Friday.  We have completed the Kissingbridge trail from Marden to Millbank (45 kms) through Mennonite country and are almost finished the Elora to Cataract trail (47 kms).  Rail trails are usually wide enough for two people to walk side by side 6 feet apart and chat along the way.  We leave a car at each end of the trail section but you could also walk in and out using one car.  The scenery is lovely and varied and full of surprises like the snack stand near Linwood and the butter tarts at the Belwood General Store.  I am amazed at how many rail trails there are around Guelph; I just discovered the Cambridge to Paris trail which might be our next one.  If you want to start with an easy walk, take the Elora to Cataract rail trail from Elora to Fergus and return by the Trestle Bridge rail trail.  Enjoy!  


Planting Bulbs, by Val Morrell

I have planted 80 bulbs as my birthday present to me!
Yes, I will be 80 at the end of October, (29) and would love to see that this inspires a few folk to plant 3-5 bulbs in their yards, or an indoor pot to have in mid winter!
As the daughter of a flower grower, we have always had lots of daffodils in our garden. This year I will have a few more.  Like life, each bulb represents a year that we hope will blossom. Some, I think 4 so far, have already been eaten by squirrels, who are not supposed to eat daffodil bulbs, like some years that seemed to go nowhere, but the squirrels needed to be fed. Some bulbs were twins so may yield 2 flowers ... bonus!
My blessing for you all is, may the squirrels do minimal damage, and may your years give you double blossom to carry you through the squirrel years!


8th Annual Trinity Golf Social was held at the Guelph Country Club on Monday, September 14

Click here to see photos of this event.

Quilting, by Sharon Huska

I recently finished quilts for my great-nieces. A deadline helps to move me to completion.  During my week off, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet the newest addition, Elliott, and to give her big sister Quinn, her big-girl quilt.

Reading a Book Together, by Sharon Huska

With the killing of George Floyd and ensuing Black Lives Matter marches in Minneapolis and around the world, it felt like it was time to learn more about the trauma of racism.  My daughter, who lives in Minneapolis, and I have been reading and discussing "My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies" by Resmaa Menakem.  

Happy birthday Lutz!! 

June 7 was Lutz’s birthday.  The Stephens, McMillans and Osborne’s came by with the toys and sign for Lutz’s celebration.  We shared ice cream individually wrapped and visited more than 6 feet apart.  Made the day very special!  Happy birthday Lutz!!  

Where in the World?, by Joyce Martin

This is a song I wrote back in 2011.  Who knew it would still be relevant.  I  originally wrote the church version, which went with a sermon I was preaching at the time but wanted an ending that also addressed those who were maybe not church folk.

Where in the World?
(from Phil: 4:7; Isaiah 41:10)

Where in the world is the world God intended,
Free from war, hunger, suffering and pain?
Where is the peace that can pass understanding?
Is there a hope or is all in vain?

The greed of many who hunger for power,
Seems to deny all the good that is there.
How can we help a poor world that is hurting?
How can we show God’s children we care?

We hear of a world that is rife with corruption,
Evil that good can’t seem to o’ercome.
Who can we turn to when feeling so hopeless?
Weakened in faith, and strength there is none.

We are assured that when we are faltering
Christ, the Saviour, our strength will renew
For our God holds out his hand to us saying,
 “Fear not, for I am the one who’ll help you.”

Do not be anxious for trials on your journey
Let your requests to God be made known 
And the peace that can pass understanding
Will guard your hearts and minds in God’s Son.

2nd ending

If we join together as sisters and brothers
Shoulder to shoulder bearing the load,
We’ll make a difference where all will have freedom
Travelling as one along the same road.

So break down the barriers that keep us in slavery.
Open our hearts to free love from within.
Reach out to others and help bear their burdens.
The peace we seek we will finally win.

‎Joyce Martin ©2011
Created:  November-‎03-‎11, ‏‎12:41:31 AM
Music created:  ©2012

This time is a gift, by Andrea LeBlanc

Up until a couple of months ago,  I was quite busy, teaching a full roster of piano and voice students, directing the Trinity Choir, directing Guelph United Performers, and doing my weekly live Facebook  show on Wednesday nights...on top of raising a family with 3 cats. Whew!!!  Just writing that exhausted me!

I find myself still keeping busy, but I am afforded the luxury of doing things I couldn’t do if I were working full time.  So, I’m mindful about doing one thing everyday that I’m blessed to be fortunate to have the time to do.
It’s helping me stay busy and do things that are life giving. This time is a gift.

Delivering gift cards safely

I have been out delivering on my bike and having pickups at my home.  Since yesterday to now (May 4) I have sold $3,150.00 worth of cards!  That was only 8 people.  Would be great if everyday was like that!  So nice to talk with people and I am loving doing this ministry for Trinity.  In this time of physical distancing it is so nice to see faces from a safe distance and be able to chat. It is joy to my heart and hopefully theirs as well. [Dianne Butzke]


Email Dianne at or call her at 519-836-6606 with your order for Gift cards. Cards are available for the major grocery stores in Guelph: Metro/Food Basics, Sobeys/Fresh Co, and PC/Zehrs/No Frills. Email or call Dianne for availability of other gift cards. Pickup at 34 Glenwood Avenue. Or arrange for home delivery!

Practicing for the ECM Crokinole Tournament, by Ken Chupa

The ECM Crokinole Cup was scheduled for tomorrow (May 9) but had to canceled. Although Trinity has several good crokinole players, we have never won the Cup. Our next opportunity to bring home the Cup will be in December. Keep practicing!

My crokinole board was hand-crafted by Elwood Tosh.

Spring wild flowers, eagles, foxes

Photos of wild flowers taken at the Arboretum.  Bald Eagles in their nest in a pine by the Nith River, and two of a fox taken this morning (May 4) in Kitchener. These two eagles have been returning to that nest for 7 yrs. and there are eaglets inside. Also for the fox,  wildlife does not take long to realize "humanlife " is now in short supply. [Carole Ellis]  The photos are here.

Birthday Parades   See the video for Kathy's parade  And here's another one! Bob's Birthday parade

What wonderful, surprise celebrations?? for our 70th birthdays! Thank you to our friends for all of your good wishes and participating, to Dianne and Lutz for organizing the parades and to Sharon and Mike for the videos.
Friends, family and church and community mean everything! Thank you!
Stay safe!
Kathy and Bob

Hey I just graduated from Yale!
by Val Morrell

Ok, so you are in isolation, with everything out of bounds, except..... maybe  taking a course online. A free course unless you want to pay $69 for a certificate from, yes, Yale! My daughter Suzanne put me onto this one, and she has started it, but is still working so having to squeeze in the time.

Dr Laurie Santos offered Yale students this course only a short while ago, when it looked as if today’s students were less happy by a small degree than previous students. This was soon the most popular course on Campus after an initial offering attracted maybe 50 students to huge numbers the second run.  Subject is ‘The Science of Well-Being.'  With this global isolation it is offered online free! When I registered reaching 500,000 registrants, now after the 7 weeks up over 2 million!

There are studies on what makes you happy, what impact achieving  good marks or even bad marks has on the student, less than you would think! That spending money on experiences is a better happiness trigger than things! Well yes we all recall a long ago trip far longer than the new car bought the same year!

So if you have an hour or more to spare a week, sign up for this 10 week course here at Coursera. The last 4 weeks are to pick an activity that will help change your happiness! So needs 4 weeks. The early weeks can be done in a shorter time span.

Stay well, stay happy! Hey, and graduate from Yale!

Our Purpose, by Joyce Martin

I wrote this song a few months ago.  Still working on a tune for it but thought I'd share with the congregation.  Also, I am sending two pictures of different views of a meditation area I created years ago as a quiet spot in my bedroom. May be an idea for others to do, who want a quiet area to retreat to.

Our Purpose

Whether looking out my window or walking paths and trails,
I gaze on nature’s beauty, my wonder never fails.
At the end of winter’s cold, b’neath melting snow unseen
How do blades of grass below, know to dress themselves in green?

How do creatures of the earth, know that Springtime’s for new birth?
We see their young ones run and play and burrow in the earth.
How do they know, after Summer’s heat, to prepare for chill of fall?
A time to build new shelters and to store their food for all?

How do these creatures know another Winter will soon begin?
Another year of seasons end, and they go to sleep again?
How does nature know its purpose, and continues year to year?
Why do we, God’s people, find our purpose is never clear?

Jesus said not to worry about your life, what to eat or wear
For God is always with us, we are always in His care.
How much will he care for you – oh you of little faith

Who of you by worrying can add an hour to your life?
Trust in God in all things, give your heart and soul and mind
For that truly is the only way our purpose we will find.

Words: Joyce Martin 2019


Click here to view full-size photos

Sharing My Experience, by Heather Martin

Hello everyone!! I miss you all and I miss being at church for all the things I do there. Choir, church, voice lessons and so much more. My life in many ways stayed the same and in a lot of ways it changed. I am an essential worker working at the Homewood Health Centre. I still go to work every day Monday to Friday leaving home at 7 and arriving back home at 5. I lost vacation I had planned in April and I will lose the week I had planned for this month as I am required to be at work. My work load has settled since the early days of the pandemic as we have adjusted to our new normal which means constant change with new messages and directions weekly or more at work.

I feel sad some days as the loss and the change in my life and in the world is right there all around me. I am able to be more in touch with peace and gratitude when I am at home I won’t lie. Some of the changes in my world:  Travelling on a bus to and from work with rear door access, seats taped up and signs announcing maximum 10 passengers and to stay away from the driver who is now protected by a big sheet of plastic at the front of the bus. Having to wear a mask at work all day and having patients doing the same. At the front door of my work I am screened every day, have my temperature taken and then I am given a surgical mask to put on. (We can’t wear cloth masks at work. Those are for the bus and the stores.) Virtual meetings and interviews by Skype. Eating in my office as we can’t sit in the cafeteria. Not viewing my day planner for weeks now as there is only work and home. No more appointments or places to be after work or on a weekend. And of course like everyone I have experienced lining up six feet apart from people to get into a store. Once in the store I face screeners asking questions and giving directions for how to social distance in the store.

I do enjoy that I now have so much time at home. It is kind of fun to change into pjs as soon as I get home some days. I love going outside and enjoying nature and I finished setting up my patio yesterday for just that purpose. I am grateful for health and that I still have a job. Everyone in my family has stayed well too. I hope we see some this pandemic loosen its grip soon and that some of life that we have paused can start to return.

I wish everyone the best. Take care. Stay well and stay safe.
Blessings, Heather Martin