The church auditorium (known as Trinity Hall) and meeting rooms are available to rent for your special group activities. See the Trinity Building Tour in our Photo Gallery for pictures and other details of our rental spaces.

Room Rentals and Additional charges:


  • Set up and Take Down Fees:
    • Set up or Take down fee: $60.00. Submit layout drawing for set up.
    • Set up and Take down fees combined: $100.00.
  • Space & Additional Costs

          Half Day Full days (5+ hours)
    1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 5 to 12 Hours
    Sanctuary Use Non-Wedding $150.00 $150.00 $200.00 $250.00 $375.00
    Trinity Hall (Auditorium) $80.00 $160.00 $190.00 $200.00 $300.00
    Norfolk Room (LP) $40.00 $80.00 $110.00 $120.00 $180.00
    Paisley Room (UP) $40.00 $70.00 $100.00 $120.00 $180.00
    Kitchen: Snacks/Catered Meals $15.00 $35.00 $55.00 $50.00 $100.00
    Kitchen: Full Meals N/A N/A N/A $120.00 $180.00
    Additional Costs
    Booking/Damage Deposit (Cash or eTransfer only) $200.00        
    AV Use Trinity Hall $45.00        
    AV Use with Support in the Hall $125.00        
    AV Use with Support in the Sanctuary Includes AV, Livestreaming and Slide Projection $125.00        
    AV Use Dias Sanctuary $45.00        
    AV Use Dias Sanctuary With Support $125.00        
    Lift Operators (each) $50.00        
    Set Up and Take Down Fee Large $100.00        
    Set Up and Take Down Fee $60.00        
  • Mandatory Damage/Cleaning Deposit for all Rentals:
    • There is a mandatory $200 (cash) Damage/Cleaning Deposit for all rentals. The Church Office Co-ordinator will complete a damage/cleaning check after each rental.  Any damage or cleaning will be costed and deducted from the Damage/Cleaning deposit. Additional costs will be billed to the person or group responsible for the rental agreement.


  • If the kitchen is used, the Applicant will supply their own refreshments, utensils and dishes. Use of the church-owned appliances, utensils and/or dishes must be prearranged with the Church Office Co-ordinator. The church will ensure that the kitchen is 'ready for use', with extra garbage bags and cleaning supplies available. The Applicant agrees to be responsible for taking all garbage with them when vacating the building. The kitchen must be left as found.
  • Discounts on rental fees may be given for a permanent regular user.
  • The Church Office Co-ordinator may ask Ministers for second opinion on rental request. Further resource requests go back to Trustees.

At Discretion of Ministers: