Trinity is looking forward to a time when we can once again access our church building. A Reopening Team has been formed to look at all the issues to be addressed. We plan to keep everyone up-dated on a regular basis as things evolve.

Reopening Team: John Bye (Co-Chair), Hal Osborne (Co-Chair), Ken Chupa, Rev. John Benham, Ron McMillan, JoAnne Angle and Sharon Huska.

If you have questions, you may email either: 
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Trinity Hall Conversation, November 19, 2020

Rev. John and Rev. Gaylyn are hosting up to 10 people for a relaxing catch up chat! 

Communication #4
November 4, 2020


After much discussion and consideration of the information we have, the Reopening Team at Trinity have made a difficult decision to not reopen in person worship at Trinity, through the Christmas season. This is hard on all of us as we long to gather and celebrate a magical time at church together.

As the Reopening Team started to consider the days to come, we realized that the Christmas holidays, including Advent, were not far away. 

We keep the health and safety of every member of our Trinity family foremost in our hearts and minds as we work through the challenging decisions we must keep making. As has been the case all along, so much is unknown to all of us. What we do know from the information coming from Public Health officials, local doctors, and the government, is that we must remain vigilant. This virus does not seem willing to go away easily. All the current Covid guidelines remain in place, including keeping the size of gatherings to a minimum. 

On a trial basis, we have decided to allow small Trinity groups, limited to 10 people, to resume meeting in Trinity Hall, starting the week of November 16, 2020. All groups must abide by Covid guidelines that include registering participants, providing contact tracing information to the office, wearing masks at all times while in the building, washing, and sanitizing hands frequently. We are limiting access to Trinity Hall only and the washrooms on that level, at this time.

We are aware that there is likely to be another spike in the spread of Covid-19 post Christmas as we experienced after Thanksgiving. With that in mind, the Reopening Team will meet mid January 2021 to review the conditions and adjust plans accordingly. We know this decision is disheartening to all of us, but we believe we must continue to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The good news is that much work is being done to continue to provide creative and meaningful online worship, especially as we celebrate Christmas.

The Trinity Reopening Team
John Bye, Hal Osborne, Ken Chupa, JoAnne Angle, Ron McMillan, Sharon Huska, Rev. Gaylyn McLean, Rev. John Benham 

Communication #3
October 1, 2020

We are NOT returning to in-person worship in the Trinity sanctuary just yet ...

While in-person worship in the Trinity sanctuary has been delayed, Trinity continues to offer online worship, fellowship gatherings on the front lawn and we are also exploring new opportunities to meet and connect. Small group activities are also on hold for the time being. These guidelines are to be revisited on a monthly basis. 

As predicted, the second wave of Covid-19 is here. The return of children to schools as well as the easing of some regulations has brought a second round of this difficult virus. The summer is over and the cases of Covid are rising rapidly. The Ontario Government and all health care professionals are saying that we need to hunker down, tighten our social bubbles once again, and stay home whenever possible.

While we are not opening now, extensive preparations have been made for the time when we can reopen the building.

  • There is new safety signage throughout the church building
  • A new video doorbell has been installed to monitor visitors
  • Everyone is required to provide personal contact tracing information 
  • The office door is now a split door to keep people at a safe distance
  • There is a new safety plexiglass shield on Sharon’s desk
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the church
  • Hallway floors have been marked for social distancing
  • Pews have indications on them to appropriately distance the seating
  • Locks have been added to the kitchen and Norfolk room doors
  • Trinity Hall has floor markings to indicate seating distances for meetings
  • Plastic chairs have been returned to Trinity Hall for easy cleaning

In order to control the amount of access to the church building, we are asking everyone NOT to “just drop in”, and only go to the church if you have made an appointment through the office. This will help us maintain our cleanliness standards, ensure the safety of our staff and resist the spread of this virus.

With this latest turn of events, after prayerful consideration, and for the health and safety of all our Trinity family, the Reopening Team has made the difficult decision to delay the reopening of the church building for the foreseeable future. We will keep everyone updated as the situation develops.

John Bye and Hal Osborne, for the Reopening Team of Trinity United Church, Guelph.

August 10, 2020

To: All Members, Adherents and Staff of Trinity United Church Guelph

In order to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus the Ontario Government required all places of Worship to close in mid March 2020. On March 15, 2020 Trinity building was closed and all staff began working from their homes with the exception of our cleaning/maintenance staff. In doing so we strove to be faithful to the call of God for faith, charity and justice as well as the defence of the sanctity of human life. We are grateful to all of you whose faith and patience have sustained this effort. 

The pandemic continues, public health and safety precautions must be followed.  Trinity is planning for a partial or gradual re-opening of the church this fall when all public health guidelines can be adhered to.

Recognizing the very basic commandment of love of neighbour, we have a responsibility to care for one another in the re-opening.  Thus, the procedures for and manner of the celebration of Worship will be very different from the situation that we have known. We ask for your full co-operation and patience as we do our very best to welcome you back even in limited numbers. In the fall our motivation must remain, even while the COVID-19 emergency remains real, to social distance, wash our hands and sanitize.

May we continue to pray for the sick and for those caring for them and those who have died during this pandemic. 

Trinity United Church Re-Opening Committee

The reopening team has created a 9-page document detailing the steps that are being taken towards reopening Trinity. Click here for a copy.

Communication #2
June 11, 2020

Trinity Building NOT reopening at this time

With the recent announcements from the Ontario Government about churches reopening, we are cautiously optimistic about the slow reopening of Trinity sometime in the future.

At this time, we are still under government restrictions as to usage and capacity within our building. Social distancing recommendations remain in place. Attendance at any worship service would be severely limited.

Our commitment to the congregation’s health and safety is still our #1 priority.

The Trinity building does not easily lend itself to social distancing. Our hallways are narrow, and our meeting rooms are small. Each of the aisles in the sanctuary, including the center aisle, are less than 2 meters wide. The kitchen remains closed and off limits.Sanitation protocols in the washrooms are not easily facilitated with usage by a crowd.

Face masks/shields will need to be worn by ALL, throughout your time in the building. There can be NO congregational singing at this time. Our experience of worship would be very different.

The recommendations of the Trinity Reopening Team is that we move forward cautiously, and maintain online worship for the summer months as planned, as we work to implement all the necessary protocols and guidelines from public health to ensure everyone’s safety. Entering a new “NORMAL” is going to be a slow, gradual learning process. There are no immediate plans to return to larger, public gatherings of any kind. Current guidelines are a road map, not a calendar. The other United Churches in Guelph are following similar approaches.

The following quote is by Bishop Karen P. Oliveto of the United Methodist Church.


We shall continue regular information updates as things evolve.

Hal Osborne and John Bye
For the Trinity Reopening Team

Communication #1
June 9, 2020


To all Trinity members, tenants, volunteers, and group leaders.

Trinity is looking forward to a time when we can once again access our church building. A Reopening Team has been formed to look at all the issues to be addressed as we consider our own detailed, 3 phase opening plan. We are staying current on updates from Government, Health officials and The United Church of Canada head office. At the present time, we are under strict guidelines for any activities related to our Trinity home. 

We plan to keep everyone up-dated on a regular basis as things evolve. For now, we thought that a clear outline of what is currently happening at Trinity would be helpful.

Reopening Team: John Bye (Co-Chair), Hal Osborne (Co-Chair), Ken Chupa, Rev. John Benham, Ron McMillan, Jo-Anne Angle and Sharon Huska.

The following information is the WHERE WE ARE NOW.

What we DO know:

  • Church building remains closed for all activities and will not re-open for the foreseeable future
  • Staff continue to work through Zoom meetings, phone calls and can be contacted by email or by leaving a message on the church office voice mail
  • Some worship activities are being recorded in the sanctuary
  • Some finance work is being done in Heather’s office to stay on top of our bills
  • Maintenance and security checks are continuing
  • Trinity is closed for all Life Rituals - weddings, baptisms, and funerals
  • All rentals are cancelled
  • Gingerbread Daycare is closed
  • All summer camps are cancelled with the possibility of a virtual VBS
  • Online worship continues as does the Trinity Web Site, Trinity Facebook page as well as Therapeutic Touch®, Meditation online, the Prayer Chain, and Community Yoga (online)
  • Gift Card sales are available with a convenient delivery option
  • Trinity committees continue to meet as necessary through Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails
  • Financial support continues through PAR, e-Transfer and cheques through the mail slot
What we DON’T know:
  • We are currently beginning the work of developing our own 3 phase re-opening plan. NO TIMELINES DETERMINED YET. We will be guided by UCC recommendations, as well as all Federal, Provincial and Local Government laws and local Health Unit guidelines for everyone’s health and safety. We are collaborating with all the other United Churches in Guelph (GUM) on our reopening plans
  • The steps to a gradual re-opening are being very carefully considered

We will be working hard over the coming weeks and months.

If you have questions, you may email either:
John Bye –  
Hal Osborne -