Therapeutic Touch® (TT) is a gentle, effective way to foster wellness and healing.  Despite its name, it can be offered with or without actually touching the participant.  Our team has offered treatments pre and post-surgery, for support of cancer patients, to assist in the healing of injuries and fractures, for palliative care, long-term illness, support of seniors, stress reduction, improved sleep, support during grief, as care for the caregiver, to assist in pain management, and to support those with long-term illnesses, to mention only a few. 

Therapeutic Touch © is currently available in these facilities in our area: Groves Memorial Community Hospital Chemotherapy Clinic (Fergus), Guelph General Hospital Chemotherapy Clinic, Hopespring Cancer Support Centre (Kitchener), Hospice of Waterloo (Kitchener), Hospice of Wellington (Guelph), McMaster University Hospital Hospital (Hamilton), Steel Health Centre (Guelph), Continuing Education Upper Grand District School Board (Guelph) and Trinity United Church (Guelph)

For more information, download our brochure.