Nov 4, 2020

Communication #4
November 4, 2020


After much discussion and consideration of the information we have, the Reopening Team at Trinity have made a difficult decision to not reopen in person worship at Trinity, through the Christmas season. This is hard on all of us as we long to gather and celebrate a magical time at church together.

As the Reopening Team started to consider the days to come, we realized that the Christmas holidays, including Advent, were not far away. 

We keep the health and safety of every member of our Trinity family foremost in our hearts and minds as we work through the challenging decisions we must keep making. As has been the case all along, so much is unknown to all of us. What we do know from the information coming from Public Health officials, local doctors, and the government, is that we must remain vigilant. This virus does not seem willing to go away easily. All the current Covid guidelines remain in place, including keeping the size of gatherings to a minimum. 

On a trial basis, we have decided to allow small Trinity groups, limited to 10 people, to resume meeting in Trinity Hall, starting the week of November 16, 2020. All groups must abide by Covid guidelines that include registering participants, providing contact tracing information to the office, wearing masks at all times while in the building, washing, and sanitizing hands frequently. We are limiting access to Trinity Hall only and the washrooms on that level, at this time.

We are aware that there is likely to be another spike in the spread of Covid-19 post Christmas as we experienced after Thanksgiving. With that in mind, the Reopening Team will meet mid January 2021 to review the conditions and adjust plans accordingly. We know this decision is disheartening to all of us, but we believe we must continue to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The good news is that much work is being done to continue to provide creative and meaningful online worship, especially as we celebrate Christmas.

The Trinity Reopening Team
John Bye, Hal Osborne, Ken Chupa, JoAnne Angle, Ron McMillan, Sharon Huska, Rev. Gaylyn McLean, Rev. John Benham 

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