May 6, 2020


As this time of self-isolation continues, and we long to connect with friends and family, it seemed like a good time to create new ways of doing just that! The Trinity Website has a new section, called “For This Time.”  It is a drop-down menu, offering seven different opportunities to connect, share, reflect and laugh!  They are:

    Inspiration for this Time - quotes, poems and pictures that inspire and uplift us
    Still Grateful - even during the most challenging times, there are things to be grateful for….
    Sharing Our Experiences - a collection of photos and writings to share what you are doing!
    Ideas for Self-Isolating - lots of ideas for what to do with your extra time while you are self-isolating…
    Music and Performances – even if we can’t be together at live events, we can still enjoy amazing performances!
    Tickling the Funny Bone - because perhaps we need the healing power of laughter now more than ever ….
    The Earth is Healing - ways that we can see what is happening on our planet during this time….

There are already ideas posted for you to enjoy, but we would like you to contribute as well.  Are there quotes that inspire you, or jokes that you found particularly funny?  Perhaps you watched a musical performance or have done something interesting in this time that you think others might want to know about too?  This part of the Trinity Website is for sharing – and we all have something to offer.

As we all cope in our own unique ways during this time, it can be fun to see what others are up to. The section titled “Sharing Our Experiences” is a place for photos (with short captions or explanations) or tales of what our church family has been doing.  Consider sending along a picture and/or letting us know what has been happening in your world.

Now, the best part of this is that you don’t have to know anything about how to post on the web to be part of this. (Thank goodness! 😊) If you have things that you would like to add to the various pages in the “For This Time” section of the website, send them along to our Webmaster: and he will take it from there.  Written stories, quotes, etc. should be sent either as a word document or just in the body of an email – try to avoid PDF.  Pictures and cartoons should be sent as JPEG files. You can simply reply to this email, and it will get to the right person.  It is that easy!

So … send along the things that you have to share. Check into “For This Time” on a regular basis to see what is new – fresh items will be added regularly for your enjoyment.

Let’s make the very most of this time!