Apr 27, 2020

ContacT PlacE During Covid-19

by Beth Harris, Volunteer Co-ordinator for Contact Place 

We at Contact Place had been wondering how we could contribute during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

To get ready for the possibility of the church not being open to the general public, we decided to have curb side pick up. That lasted one day as the doors were locked the next week. What to do now?

We had food, and people needed it. SO… we contacted Chalmers, Downtown and West, which were still open and donated 351 pounds to them. Four weeks went by and we were still in lockdown and more people than ever needed food. And we still had food. With the help of a few others we were able to get the balance of our supplies to the Chalmers Food Banks and the Salvation Army Food Bank. I am not sure what that amounted to in pounds, but I am sure it was another 350 pounds.

The volunteers decided that we needed to do more. We have also donated some of our funds to three local food banks and to Trinity’s Benevolent Fund.

  • North End Harvest Market, $2,000
  • Chalmers Community Services Centre, $2,000 (read Thank You note from CCSC)
  • Salvation Army Family Services, $2,000
  • Trinity's Benevolent Fund, $1,000

We will look at the situation in a month.  We can only pray that the world is back to normal.