Jul 4, 2019

Why Affirming?


Many ask why Trinity is embarking on a journey of conversation about becoming an Affirming Ministry.  Isn't the United Church of Canada already affirming the LGBTQ2 community?  

The United Church has taken significant steps to be affirming however it's important to remember that we are also very Congregationalist in our ministry. The Affirming Network has created an educational discernment process that helps us reflect on what it means to be an inclusive community.  Trinity Council is endorsing this journey and over forty people have signed up to attend the first meeting. This journey will involve stories from others as we look at the variety of areas that may be barriers to those coming to our community - age, gender, race, ability, class, economic status and, in particular the Affirming Ministry, sexual orientation and gender identity.  We'll encourage many congregational groups to join the discussion. We'll be using a website called Open Hearts as a helpful tool. This may take a year or more to share the journey and we simply hope and pray we'll all grow and learn from this experience.  Trinity is reaching out to invite our Guelph United Ministry friends to join us as they can. Harcourt Memorial is an official Affirming Ministry in Guelph.