COVID-19 Announcement

Mar 18, 2020

Church buildings were not named as essential, and therefore Three Willows United Church is closed. All programs and events have been canceled. Worship will be posted on the church's YouTube channel. The church e-mails, mail, and voice mail will be monitored during the week. There will be a daily walk-about of the church building. Please leave a message on the church voice mail if you are in need of anything. Rev. John & Rev. Mary continue to work from their homes and are available for pastoral care. The governing body is connecting with the congregation by e-mail updates and those who don’t have e-mail will receive a phone call from the leadership. Three Willows leadership continue to meet by Zoom meetings. The Lent study group “The Grace of Les Miserables” continued by Zoom.  
A prayer by Cameron Trimble
Holy God,
Keep us mindful of those who lack basic resources in these times. We pray for those who are hungry or without a safe place to stay. We pray for those in homeless shelters, in detention centres, where close quarters make social distancing even more difficult. We follow a Christ who looked out for the most vulnerable, the least, the last, and the lost. Help us too, in these anxious times, to serve first the ones who need the most.