Annual Meeting Brief

Mar 18, 2021

Annual Meeting Feb.28, 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Annual Meeting on Feb.28th.  We would like to thank Rev. John Benham for supervising our meeting, Jack Findlay for Chairing and Rhondda Lymburner for recording the minutes.

Sue Couillard presented our 2020 Balance Sheet which due to changes in methods of reporting will be amended and presented to the congregation at a later date. Due to the uncertainty of 2021 a formal budget was not voted on but Sue has provided insight as to possibilities. All of this information is available in our Annual Report. Hard copies are available at the church and a digital copy is online. We appreciate all that Sue has done and continues to do to keep our church finances stable. She has successfully applied for all available government grants.

The Annual Report demonstrates how our church community continues to operate even if we can’t meet in our building. Please read the committee reports to see how the needs of our congregation and community continue to be served.

The Nominating Committee presented our Core group for 2021. We thank those who have served for the past years and welcome new members to our governing body. 

Core Group for 2021: 

Treasurer: Sue Couillard

Members at Large:  Rhondda Lymburner, Sue Walker, Mary Drennan, Lora Laleva, Randy Sambles, Carol Dawson, Oswald Zeijlstra, George Elliott.

Trustees: Wayne Dawson (Chair), Sandy Evans (Treasurer), Keith Bell, Margaret Heath, Paul Smith, Sue Walker, Oswald Zeijlstra.

Working Group Chairpersons: Missional – Sue Walker; Ministry & Personnel – Sue Walker; Pastoral Care – Betty Wilson McGhee; Property – Hugh and Mary Drennan; Regional Representative – Jack Findlay; Social Justice – Joan Wilson; Stewardship – To be determined; Nominating Committee – Rhondda Lymburner