John Lawson's Weekly Blog Week 3

This past Sunday I spoke about the biblical understanding of Wisdom. I thought it timely because of the election this week in Ontario.


The story I focused on was from the book of 1 Kings 3 where young King Solomon had a dream in which God asked him what gift he would wish as he began his reign. He chose wisdom – not riches or power or long life. God was well pleased with his choice. And so even today we remember the wisdom of Solomon.


My personal belief is that we have a wisdom deficit in many aspects of our society today. We are enamored by short-term pleasures and trivialities and our leadership reflects that superficiality. While we have little control over choosing the leaders of the various parties and those running for political office we can be wise in our discernment of who deserves our vote.


Biblical wisdom is helpful here.


The first thing that Solomon says to God is that the job is beyond him. It’s too complex, the people to varied. And so he looks to wisdom from beyond himself – from God, from wise counsellors, from history and tradition. The Bible sums up this humble stance in the phrase, “The fear (awe) of God is the beginning of wisdom”. (Proverbs 9:10) Look for humility in those seeking our vote.


Wise leadership thinks about the welfare of the whole of the people. It has a moral centre that pays attention to God’s call for justice as a core of society. It chooses what is right and not simply what is expedient. Look for principle in those seeking our vote.


Wisdom is reflective and listens well to all sides. Solomon has stepped away from the busy court to a mountain to worship God when he has his dream. Wisdom requires reflective space – it takes the long view and so we remember the wisdom of Aboriginal people calling us to remember what our decisions will mean seven generations out. Look for large, generous and long-term view for those seeking our vote.


I pray that the people of Ontario might pause and reflect with wisdom as we elect a new government on Thursday.