Nov 8, 2021

Dear friend,
I encourage you to obtain and use the 2021 Advent Study Guide that Harcourt’s spiritual life committee has prepared.

The study guide invites you to look at all four lectionary readings for each Sunday in the four weeks before Christmas.It gives some background for each reading, and offers questions for your private consideration. The guide invites you to reflect on the readings in the days leading up to the Sunday.  For example, you would begin to look at the readings for the first Advent Sunday (November 28) on Tuesday November 23.

One or more of the readings will be selected as the focus of the online Holy Listening Circle each week, so if you choose to participate in that Circle you will have an opportunity to share some of your reflections.
The Study Guide is available online at .   Printed copies are available for pickup from the grey ‘help yourself’ bin outside the doors that open onto the parking lot from the Harcourt building.

Peter Jackson SLC, Harcourt