Reposted from Rev. Bruce Dickson, Dublin Street January 4, 2022      

Let's Talk Tuesday

Dear GUM friends and readers of Let's Talk,
Happy New Year! We made it! I wonder if the magi uttered the same thing when they reached Bethlehem. They had a long journey to find the Christ child. They must of wondered if they would ever make it!
The COVID virus is trying our patience too. It has been a long journey, and it looks like we haven't quite arrived yet! It made me wonder what we might learn from the magi as we face our journey and we haven't quite reached our destination. I came up with three thoughts to share with you.
First, they had something to help guide them. Yes, the famous star (perhaps planets coming together) announced both an important event and it gave them a visible sign to keep checking their progress. What do you use? We don't have a star, but we have the stories of faithful people in the bible telling us what they had to help them -- prophets of old, the scriptures, events like the Exodus, the cross, the manger, the letters of other journeys. Many of us turn to the words and actions of Jesus. Others to the ways the Spirit guided those early disciples. Our faith tradition gives us words, examples, people to guide us over the troubled waters and through the uncertain times.
Second, they had companions for the journey. Perhaps this has been one of the great challenges of the COVID time. It has isolated us physically from our companions who we look to for support and care. Yet, as we have been learning and working, we have found ways to stay in touch with each other. Some of us are better at it than others. We are discovering the power of the phone again. Others have figured out Face time and ZOOM. Walks have been a new way to connect. We have been finding ways to recall that we are in this together. In the movie, The Rise of Skywalker, one of the main characters learned that evil wins when we think we are all alone. Interesting that Jesus tells his friends that he will be with them/us always. Let's help each other to recall we are companions in this together.
A final thought for this Let's Talk (I am sure there are more we could explore) is that the magi moved ahead with a hope that they would discover a gift at the end of their journey. Perhaps this is what we need to keep before us as we begin our journey this year -- the hope for what we will find, discover, affirm at the end of this journey. We've had glimpses -- people's kindness, our resilience, our sense of humour still finds a way, generosity has surfaced over and over, our faith community still is standing. What might you add?
The Magi headed off on a journey that took them two years to complete from the scripture account. Some journeys take longer than we anticipated. Perhaps as we enter this year we might wish to recheck what is helping us to keep going -- something to guide us, recall our companions, hold on to the hope that our future has a gift to reveal.
By the way, the magi did make it, and they traveled home again -- even if it was by another way.
Prayers and care as we look to God's light to guide us -- my kindred companions and hope holders, Rev. Bruce