Welcome to Forest Church! - Take some time to slow down and be present in nature this fall! Join those interested in this different church experience at the University of Guelph Arboretum, for an hour or so, on the following dates and times:

  • Summer Sundays  are July 14, 28 and August 11 and 25.

We will meet at the kiosk opposite the Arboretum Centre and walk a short distance to the starting place. If you'd rather not sit directly on the ground, bring a blanket or chair. There will also be half an hour of individual wandering to explore, enjoy and engage with Creation. We will meet rain or shine. Dress for the weather. If any or all of those dates work for you, it would be great to see you!! For more information, directions or details, contact Mary Savage, mary.savage@sympatico.ca

More Detials:  To find our group, enter the main entrance of the Arboretum, off College Ave., E. (close to Victoria Road S) and park in the lot near the Arboretum Centre building.  We will meet at the glass kiosk enclosure across from the Arboretum Centre at 1:00 p.m. and make our way into the woods (a short distance, but off the path possibly on uneven ground).

There we will spend time gathering,  becoming grounded and focusing on the day's theme. Then, for half an hour we will each wander the grounds to explore, enjoy and engage with Creation, returning to the group to reflect on what we have experienced.

We will meet rain or shine.  Dress for the weather.  If you would rather not sit on the ground, bring a chair or blanket.