Check here for updates and support.  (Updated October 4, 2022)

The work of monitoring ongoing Covid care at Dublin continues in the hands of the team facilitators council (TFC).  Handwashing is still encourged upon entry and exit and masking is now a personal choice.  Extra cleaning precautions are still being followed.  At Sunday worship, masks are still required for singing.  If wearing a mask makes you feel more comfortable please do so for the entire service.  


*The Dublin Street United Church building has controlled access.  Please ring the doorbell or call the office to gain access outside of a Sunday morning. 

*Online services will continue on YouTube even with in-person worship now in place.

*Staff are be working from both home and from the church.

* Rental groups are returning.  Please check with the office for bookings for space.


Further information is available below, check back often for most recent news.

Guelph Public Health:
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Ontario Ministry of Health Coronavirus Preparation:
The latest updates from the Ministry of Health: howto protect yourself, what to do if you’re sick after travel and how to recognize possible symptoms.