TextDescription automatically generatedThe Coffee and Tea Gift Giving

What’s happening?

Dublin needs your help.  We are behind in our givings  and we are trying to close the gap before the end of December.  So, we, the stewardship committee on behalf of the church board, Rev. Bruce, each of us really, are asking if you may share the cost of a coffee and/or a tea for each day in November and December.  That will help a lot.

For example, Rev. Bruce and Jan each have a tea and coffee daily ($2 x 2 x 61 days = $250 (Rounded up).  If we received 200 such gifts we would raise $50,000.

We know that not everyone has both, or buys one each day.  We know some of you buy more expensive teas or coffees!  So, we are asking you to think about if you  could share some of those coffees, teas, beverages for the church.  It will help.  You may even want to buy one for  a friend(s).  Together they will make a big difference.  (Thanks for your support of God’s mission and ministry we do together.)