The Spring Season of Giving:

During the next six weeks from May 5 to June 9 we will be looking at giving and receiving as ways of Christian practice and life.  We will use it as a chance to bless the work and ministry of Dublin, and to explore the ways God generosity transforms us.

Three Week Sermon focus:

May is also PAR month.  At the annual meeting we discussed increases to our general giving about about 5% for the year.  These increases help to deal with increases we are all facing.  Some will be able to do this, others more and others not this time.  We also learned through Jeff Watson's presentation at the annual meeting that many of us wait until the end of the year to top up our givings.  This summer we will be running short on cash if we follow our regular patterns.  So if you could make your gift earlier or at least do a little now it will help us through the summer months. Thanks.

Here's how you can help:

Thanks for sharing your gifts at Dublin!  ~ The Stewardship team - Sara, Rich, Brian, Michael and Rev. Bruce